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The Law

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The Law in Australian States and Territories

The act of prostitution itself is not illegal anywhere in Australia but certain activities surrounding prostitution are illegal. Prostitution laws vary from state to state. What is legal in one state might be illegal in another.

For details of the laws in different states, contact the police services in that jurisdiction, Scarlet Alliance or the local sex worker organisation in that state.

The above information titled The Law in Australian States and Territories is from Prostitution Licensing Authority

The Law in New Zealand

The New Zealand Prostitution Reform Act was passed by Parliament in June 2003. Among other things, this Act decriminalises prostitution in New Zealand, and introduces provisions to protect the health and safety of sex workers and their clients. The Act prohibits the use in prostitution of persons under 18.
Under the Prostitution Reform Act every operator of a prostitution business must hold a certificate.
The Act also removes the requirement for massage parlour operators to be licensed (effective 28 December 2003).
Certificates under the Prostitution Reform Act 2003 are issued by the Registrar of the Auckland District Court.

For more information see the Prostitution Law Reform

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